Ortega'z Southwestern Grill and Wine Bar - Casual Dining With Elegance


Soups & Salads

  Chicken Tortilla Soup
  Shredded chicken, celery, carrots, black beans, onions in a clear stock, topped with tortilla stripscup$3.59/bowl...$5.59
  Fire Roasted Corn Chowder
  Traditional chowder base, with fire roasted corn, served with pita pointscup$3.59/bowl...$5.59
  Tossed Salad
  Lettuce, tomatoes, onion, shredded carrots, crispy tortilla strips and your choice of dressing. $4.99
  Caesar Salad
  Romaine lettuce, asiago cheese, crispy tortilla strips and creamy lime-chipotle Caesar dressing $6.29
  Ortega’z Chop House Salad
  A mixture of crisp lettuce, cabbage, carrots, avocado, almonds, bleu cheese crumbles, apple, fresh tomatoes, crunchy tortillas, tossed in an ancho-sesame ginger dressing $6.99
  Cilantro-Lime Steak Salad
  Cilantro and lime marinated flat iron steak served over a bed of mixed greens, carrots, tomatoes, red onions and pepper sticks & topped with tortilla strips $8.79
  Southwestern Chicken Salad
  Crispy chicken strips, mixed lettuce, applewood smoked bacon, red peppers, tomatoes, red onions, tossed in our triple vinaigrette dressing $7.99
  ADD to any Salad
  Grilled Steak$4.49
  Grilled Shrimp$3.49
  Grilled Chicken or Crispy Chicken Tenders$2.79
  Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Triple Vinaigrette, Lime-chipotle Caesar,
Ancho-Sesame Ginger

From the Land...

  Petite Sirloin
  flame grilled$14.99
  Flat Iron Steak
  flame grilled$20.00
  Southwestern Crusted Ribeye
  Topped with frizzled onions and bleu cheese sauce $22.00
  Marinated Lamb Shank
  Hand seasoned and perfectly roasted then slowly braised in a classic demi-glaze$22.59
  Pork Spareribs (choice of Classic BBQ or Dry Rub)
1/2 Rack... $10.00..... Full Rack... $18.00
  Applewood Smoked Pork Chops
  Finished witha creole mustard pineapple glaze
1 Chop... $10.00..... 2 Chops... $18.00
  Coconut Battered Chicken
  Topped with a pineapple salsa $16.59


Chips n’ Salsa
House made flour tortilla chips in a variety of flavors
Add Queso Dip $3.00
Pulled Pork Nachos
Marinated, roasted pork, layered high on house made chips with mixed cheeses, onions, and jalapenos, with salsa and sour cream
Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers
House made poppers stuffed with cheese and chipotle peppers, then dipped into a dark beer batter, lightly fried and topped with pineapple salsa$6.99
Chicken Quesadillas
Flour tortilla, roasted chicken, sauteed onions and peppers, mixed cheeses, lightly grilled and finished with salsa and sour cream
Warm Brie Platter  
A generous wedge of fresh brie cheese, drizzled with honey, raspberry and candied pecans. Served with pita points and granny smith apples $8.99
Grilled Margarita Shrimp  
Large gulf shrimp marinated in a tequila lime, then grilled and served with pineapple salsa $7.99
Southwestern Spring Rolls  
Fire roasted corn, black beans, onions, peppers, cilantro, avocado, tomato, and lime - lightly fried and finished with a mango habanero sauce $6.99
Flatbread Pizzas  
Veggie - marinated portabello mushrooms, red onions, tomato, red peppers, black olives, mixed cheese, with a sundried tomato-pesto $7.59
Buffalo Chicken - slow roasted chicken, tossed in our fiery buffalo sauce, sprinkled with tangy bleu cheese, and crunchy granny smith apples, drizzled with a habanero infused extra virgin olive oil$7.59

To The Sea...

Grilled Shrimp and Chorizo Skewers  
With Roasted Red Pepper Gazpacho$16.00
Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes  
Little filler, full flavor $20.99
Seafood Trio  
Shrimp, scallops and the fresh catch of the day, grilled or fried$22.00
Fresh Catch of the Day market price
Seafood Alfredo  
Tri-colored rotini pasta with sauteed shrimp and scallops, mushrooms and tomatoes, tossed in a southwest alfredo sauce$17.00
*Add a House or Caesar Salad to any entree for $3.59
Ortega'z B.Y.O.B
Build Your Own Brochette (Kabob)
Steak $15.99 Chorizo $14.99  
Chicken $13.29 Vegetable $12.29
Shrimp $15.59 Combo of any of the above $15.99
Scallops $15.99
House Roasted Meats...
All Seasoned, Slow Roasted, and Hand Pulled - Added to Any Entree Below Chicken...$1.59, Pork...$1.99, Beef...$2.59
Add Guacamole...$1.00 Add Extra Cheese...$.79
  Flour or corn tortilla, with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and onions - served with salsa and sour cream $5.59
Flour or corn tortilla, creamy cheese filling, tightly rolled and lightly fried - served with salsa and sour cream $5.29
  Flat corn tortilla, beans, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions - served with salsa and sour cream$5.59
Flour tortilla, beans, cheese, onions and picante sauce $5.59
Fried burrito, topped with pico de gallo & sour cream$5.99
Flour tortilla with beans, cheese, rice, avocado and onions - topped with enchilada sauce$6.29

Prices and Hours subject to change